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The Sentiment Maker


In 1908 retired army Colonel, Allen Allensworth, and Professor William Payne established the all black community of Allensworth in Tulare County. “Allensworth is the only California town to be founded, financed and governed by African Americans.” (From the California Department of Parks and Recreation website.)

Juneteenth at Allensworth State Park

“I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free.”

Mrs. Alice Royal Interview

In this 2004 interview Mrs. Alice Calbert Royal talks about the importance of family, going to school in New York, working in Africa and life in Allensworth. Mrs. Royal was born in her grandparent’s Allensworth home in 1923.

A Ballad for Allensworth


Mrs. Sadie Hackett Calbert is the daughter of James and Alice Hackett, who emigrated from North Carolina to San Francisco in 1886. After many years of successful business operations in the Bay Area, the family purchased a town lot in Allensworth and built a home in 1913. Mrs. Calbert wrote this poem, which reflects her fond memories of Allensworth, when she was in her 90s.

Old Time Jubilee


COME ONE, COME ALL, to the ALLENSWORTH OLD TIME JUBILEE.   When the calendar turned to May, mothers, fathers and especially the children of Allensworth eagerly awaited the arrival of the carnival.

The Amazing Mr. Death


The following excerpt is from the book “52-Charlie: Members of a Legendary Pilot Training Class Share Their Stories about Combat in Korea and Vietnam.” It is published with the permission of the author, Edward T. Gushee.  

Allensworth Earth Day Recap


In honor of Earth Day, the Friends of Allensworth, AmeriCorps and community volunteers came together on Saturday morning to plant trees at Colonel Allensworth State Park. After enjoying a breakfast of pastries, fruit and juice, the group gathered for instructions.

Moved by the Allensworth Story

One day in 2002 Mary Langer Thompson and her husband visited Colonel Allensworth State Park. She was so moved by the Allensworth story that she wrote this poem.

Happy Birthday Chaplain Allen Allensworth

April 7, 1842 – September 14, 1914   Born into slavery in Kentucky in1842, Allen Allensworth gained his freedom during the Civil War when the Forty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry was camped in Louisville, Kentucky.

Earth Day is an Offspring of the Civil Rights Movement


In an interview with editor B. Jesse Clarke, environmentalist Carl Anthony talks about the founding of the earth day movement and how the movement has developed over the years.