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Friends of Allensworth Members Awarded For their Service


At the October Rededication the California Department of Parks and Recreation honored two members of the Friends of Allensworth for their dedication to California State Parks.

Park Champions in Action


Park champions from Sacramento, San Diego, Long Beach, Pacific Grove, and I am sure I forgot to name a few, came together for the October 21th workday at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. There was Ada who has volunteered at more than 100 workdays, and the day’s leader Stephen Van Lydegraf, who has lead over 80 workdays.

ReserveCalifornia™ goes live!


On August 1st, ReserveCalifornia™, the California State parks new, faster, easier reservation system went live. Between now and March 2018 they will phase in the ability to view the real-time reservation inventory, website trip planning and expanded payment options that includes state-of-the-art computerized point-of-sale and fee collection equipment that will allow debit and credit card payments at more locations.

Park Champions April 1st Work Day


At 9 o’clock on Saturday morning a group of Park Champions met at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. Lead by Park Champions Core Leader Stephen Van Lydegraf, they and AmeriCorps Team Silver 1 picked up their drop cloths, ladders, paint, brushes and rollers, and began painting the exterior of the Johnson Bakery. During Allensworth’s heyday, bakery owner, Mattie Johnson not only sold bread and other baked goods to the Allensworth residents, she also sold bread to the surrounding communities.

A Dream Come True – Naturalization Ceremony at Allensworth


On Friday, February 3rd, twenty-one people and their families gathered in the First Baptist Church at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. The families came to witness the final step in the naturalization process; the Oath of Allegiance to the United States.

Buffalo Soldiers Study


The Buffalo soldiers played a key part in the development of the national park system by serving in many critical roles in the western United States, including protecting some of the first national parks. Based at the Presidio in San Francisco, Buffalo Soldiers were assigned to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, where they patrolled the backcountry, built trails, stopped poachers, and otherwise served in the roles later assumed by national park rangers.  

Daughter of Allensworth Co-Founder Dies


Ms. Regenia Payne Moses, daughter of William Payne one of the founders of Allensworth, California, passed away June 14, 2016. The first school in Allensworth opened in 1910 under the direction of Professor William Payne and for the next ten years he guided the growth of the school and its young citizens.

Colonel Allensworth Has Spherical Photos on Google Maps

These interactive spherical photos allow you to look around and explore inside the buildings at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park.   Stop by Google Maps and take a walk through the Schoolhouse, Church or even the Colonel’s house.