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Outdoor Afro Visits Allensworth

Several Outdoor Afros and I toured the “Historical Allensworth State Park” on a spiritual journey in going back in time to capture the success and anguish of the Allensworth Black Town Colony. We cried and cheered at so many elements as Black people on this historical moment, that each and every one of us was changed and inspired by Allensworth’s vision.

Friday night was a cool camping experience at Allensworth State Park in first class style. The historic legacy of the park created an environment in which we could deepen our connections to each other. After having attended the REI Camping Basics class, our participants were well prepared to camp out under the beautiful starlit skies of Allenworth. In addition, we cooked and shared amazing food, including steaks, chicken, polish sausage and pancakes, fruit and bacon for breakfast.
This was an awesome event with wonderful people, on a beautiful day. We are grateful the Friends of Allensworth for hosting us during their Juneteenth Event. I look forward to returning in the coming year.

Cliff Sorrell, Outdoor Afro Leader

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We are glad that Outdoor Afro group enjoyed their stay at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. We hope that Outdoor Afro- Northern California and the Friends of Allensworth can work together on a project in the future.

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