Park Champions in Action

Park champions from Sacramento, San Diego, Long Beach, Pacific Grove, and I am sure I forgot to name a few, came together for the October 21th workday at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. There was Ada who has volunteered at more than 100 workdays, and the day’s leader Stephen Van Lydegraf, who has lead over 80 workdays.

The volunteers split and stacked wood from six dead trees that park staff cut down in the campground. In three short hours the volunteers turned these hazarded trees into mulch and serval huge piles of free firewood for campground visitors.
After a delicious lunch, provided by the California State Park Foundation, the park staff took the volunteers on a tour of the park’s historic homes and businesses. As a thank you for their hard work the park staff encouraged the volunteer to take home peppers, swiss chard, celery and other vegetables from the park’s garden.
You can see pictures of the volunteers in action on the California State Parks Foundation flickr page.